Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Remembering some of my RPs back when I did more with Luke and Ioh as weretiger and wereleopard respectively, it seems that I had been doing it right all along.  Funny, though, is that I did not know about the Four stages of forced transformation, even for werewolves, but I still essentially RPed them out in similar manner, minus the full moon aspect. That's mainly because the full moon aspect seems mundane to the whole therianthrope genre, and more so because SL doesn't have moon phases.  There's always a full moon in SL night, and I just don't want my were-creatures to be always being forced to change every time night time comes around in SL, which can be quite often, depending on sky settings.  However, if an RP sim wanted to designate a period of time for a full moon to be in effect, I'd consider using that for forced transformation.

But, for now, I'm not really focusing on any therianthropic character, so my were-creatures can relax and not be worried about being forced into any transformations any time soon.  However, the wiki was still a fun read, which all you who read this blog can check out here.

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