Thursday, October 14, 2010

φιλανθρωπικόν ὄνειρον

That is, 'philanthropic dreams' - φιλανθρωπικόν ὄνειρον (philanthropikon oneiron) is not here noting being sent some message through dreams, or meeting said god  Ὄνειρος (Oneiros), or having some personified journey through the netherworld, but just a dream.  You see, I have been thinking. If I had the money to, some of the places I would like to be able to help out financially would be local coffee shops.  Granted, by being a patron and going nearly daily to these shops for a latte or a smoothie, I am in some ways already being somewhat philanthropic.  But, I mean on the grander scale of being able to financially back their endeavors to help serve others.  To make sure they always have enough to keep afloat and stay in business.  For to me, these shops provide a valuable service.

The local coffee shops in my area that I live are my office where I work on writing, editing, and doing all that I need to do to create and shape stories.  It is also where I can relax and have a feel for a vibrant atmosphere, even if I don't actively participate in what goes on around me.  In some ways, when I do look up from my writing, it does give me chance to observe the flow of people around me.  To see them as they study, talk with friends, order their drinks, hear the sounds of the espresso machine at work heating up the milk for the lattes or water for the teas.  The music, though I sometimes drown out with my headphones when I'm searching for songs I want to use as themes, also adds to the atmosphere.  It's a lovely office and recreation all at once, and perfect for inspiration and observation.  

So, if I ever did become a famous author, or at least good enough to make due, and have extra to spend on 'φιλανθρωπικόν ὄνειρον' then that is what I would do.  I would put it in as my 'lease' to my offices of work.  Of course, I already do in that little bit that I give each day for my own drinks that I buy there.  But, I would prefer that one day I could do more for them as appreciation for the good service and hospitality they have given to me throughout my years of patronage to them.

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