Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Joke Not Well-Liked by RPers...

A one-liner, a para-RPer, and a metagamer all walked into a bar...

The one liner says to the bartender: Sup' how're you?

The para-RPer says: Mr. Bojangles pranced into the bar, and did a tappity-tap-tap with his fingers as he meant to get the bartender's immediate attention.  After humming his favorite song from Cats (the rum tum tugger, of course) he finally asks the bar tender, "Could you make me a strawberry daquery please?"

And the metagamer says: "Hey Bob the Bartender! Can you make a White Russian? Yes you can!"  And laughs.

And so the bartender replies: "Ok, a can of beer for the simpleton, a fruity cocktail for the fruity nutjob with the elaborate and rather gay entrance, and play of Russian roulette for the fucking mind reader."  To which he thinks to himself, but without taking out any bullets from the chamber when I shoot his ass.

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