Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dream Job?

I don't know if I'd call it that.  Maybe a nightmare.  But yet, this is what my character's RP job calculated out to with wages that I gave:

Wells & Foregoance Company Job Application

From here on out, Wells & Foregoance Company will simply be known as 'Company', and applicant by the name of _______________ will be known as 'applicant'.

Job Description
It is hereby known by applicant that the Company is seeking to employ him or her as District Sales Manager, to which will be called 'DSM.' Job duties of a DSM include, but are not limited to:

- Operation of both office and administrative duties of the District office.
- Execution of official business and scheduling of daily plans.
- Acting as head of the official business of the District office.
- Taking appointments and phone calls directed to the office of the DSM.
- Visiting the branch offices of the Company in the District when necessary after ADSM reporting.
- Follow up on any queries made, or suspicious elements found at a branch office, and bringing such problems to the attention of the CEO.

Applicant understands that as DSM, they are to keep their insurance license up to date and have applied for the training materials for this office. As an officer of the Company, applicant must be appointed by the office of the CEO, following a 10 day probation period by which the appointment will be reviewed and duly approved by the CEO as long as applicant credentials and certificates pass the examination of the CEO authorization policies.

((For now, unless Perdition rules change, and once the group is more fully established, it will be assumed that if you are applying for the job that you are licensed and have the credentials. Possibilities of forged licenses and slipping through unlicensed should be run by the DSM of this group before applying.))

The base pay of a DSM is $80.00 per hour plus commission and per diem. It is agreed by Applicant that, as a new DSM in training for the first week or two, said new DSM will be under the supervision of the CEO office. Under the 10 day probation period, a new DSM will NOT receive full benefits package and will get only half pay per hour until approval process has been completed. If applicant passes CEO inspection, applicant as fully certified DSM will be reimbursed for the other half of wages and regarded as being deferred pay.

(( Wages are RPed.  Therefore, consider salary to be based on a 40 hour weekly schedule.  So, payout would be $3,200 a week, and about $16,000 a month, for annual salary of $192,000 - all minus commission. So, for instance, you might wind up with $1,000 commissions once a month.  That's $12,000 plus the $192,000 base pay, making the total annual salary $204,000. Commissions are not guaranteed, of course.))

Applicant agrees to terms made by Company here in this application. Agreement is duly noted by signature of Applicant and that of Company authorized Human Resources Agent.

Applicant's Signature: _____________________
Company HRA Signature: _____________________
So who wants my RP job? <.<

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