Friday, October 22, 2010

Wells & Foregoance job ad

Well, it's official, the Wells & Foregoance Company has now become licensed in Perdition as a POE (Player Organized Employment).  I still need to hire 4 people to be able to apply for PRO (Player Run Organization).  So, I just put in at Perdition's Yellow Pages an ad for which the link is here:

For those that can't see the link, the ad is as follows:

Just out of business school? Highly motivated? Career and goal oriented? If you can describe yourself as any of these three, then we have the job for you! Come by your local Wells & Foregoance branch office, or send a fax, email, or call to Luke Heartsdale to set up an interview today! 

The following jobs are available:

Insurance Producer/Agent

Assistant District Sales Manager
Branch Sales Manager
Assistant Sales Manager

Contact: Luke Heartsdale
Cell: (143) 555-1982
Office: (140) 555-1776
Fax: (140) 555-1777
Email: lheartsdale@w&

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