Monday, February 22, 2010

Ioh Mosaic on Flickr

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1. If you know which Pope this is, and/or you can guess my name in Latin, then you know my real life name. And yes, he is an inspiration for Ioh/Iohan's full character name.

2. Is supposed to be potato salad. Original pic looks yummier. :3

3. I vent to Grandview High School. Again, the original pic displays it better:

4. Favorite color is blue. Also like the concept of the 'blue soul', as noted in the original pic:

5. Sandra Bullock. She's hot. Enough said.

6. Bailey's. Have loved this brand of Irish Cream since I first had it when a teenager, and was allowed to have it at family gatherings. I do have a pair of those glasses, recently from Christmas present from my parents.

7 Ireland. This particular pic is taken from Kilkenny.

8. Banana bread. That's supposed to be chocolate icing. Normal, I eat it with a spread of butter, or just plain.

9. In peace. Yes that is a dove, symbolic of peace.

10. Friends and Family.

11. Funny? Yes, that's a kitty, and yes, he has a camera. Sorta like another certain kitty huh?

12. Iohannes Crispien. This pic was taken by a good friend. Likes what he put in the original post ( Not to mention, it was the only one I could find on the first page that didn't have anything to do with Ioh's marriage.... <.<

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tagged on Flickr

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1. I have had five alts on SL, one was female. I doubt that any of my friends know all five.

2. Some may know that, before Midian, I had been involved in the Combat: Samurai Island sims. Few may know that I was in the Tendai clan. Still fewer may know that I was in the Samurai Giri clan before that, and received my initial training from Amber Suising.

2. Ioh and Luke had some influence on the original alliance between the Pack and Catwalkers. Nothing really that could be considered metagaming. More or less, a nudge here, a nudge there to get the then Alpha of the Pack Angela Ritter and the Matrons of the CW then October Hush and Lindsay Noonan to talk. Beyond that, the rest came from what talks came to pass.

3. Ioh had been around during the time that Rith was about to step down. While some at the time would believe that the main reason at the time was because of Rith kicking Beast off the Den, the real reason had more to do with a combination of hearing the discord of revolt in the Pride and certain histories I had learned about Midian in general the the original leader of the Catwalkers, who went by the alias, Sekhmet.

4. As Tormentor of the CWs, Ioh's services were officially used twice. This is not counting the capture and transformation of Satomi Ashbourne, which was an unofficial capture of a young cadet UAC, though for purposes that would lead to Ashur Kentoku, then a Wrath of the Catwalkers to recommend Ioh to the role of Tormentor.

5. Ioh has had eight Felixes, four of which he still communicates with to some extent and considers friends still. Guess .500 isn't too bad an average. <.<

6. Ioh and Luke had met only once to RP in the same scene together. Beyond that, their stories intertwined very little.

7. Midian, while the first place I ever RPed at on SL, was not the only place I went to RP. I also frequented NoR, CoLA (technically went there before going to Midian, but didn't really RP during that first visit), Dark City, and Toxia.

8. The first place I ever visited In my first venture out into SL on my own was a strip club. Likely not surprising, but doubt few knew that for certain. :p

+Mye Pie tagged me, but instead of putting up a rl pic, I put up a pic of Ioh 3 years ago, and Ioh (or Iohan) at present. I then did the eight things that people wouldn't necessarily know about me. If you've been tagged, then it's your turn to do simiar. Of course, you don't *have* to. But would be nice if you did. =~.^=