Monday, February 22, 2010

Ioh Mosaic on Flickr

Link to the Flickr portion:

1. If you know which Pope this is, and/or you can guess my name in Latin, then you know my real life name. And yes, he is an inspiration for Ioh/Iohan's full character name.

2. Is supposed to be potato salad. Original pic looks yummier. :3

3. I vent to Grandview High School. Again, the original pic displays it better:

4. Favorite color is blue. Also like the concept of the 'blue soul', as noted in the original pic:

5. Sandra Bullock. She's hot. Enough said.

6. Bailey's. Have loved this brand of Irish Cream since I first had it when a teenager, and was allowed to have it at family gatherings. I do have a pair of those glasses, recently from Christmas present from my parents.

7 Ireland. This particular pic is taken from Kilkenny.

8. Banana bread. That's supposed to be chocolate icing. Normal, I eat it with a spread of butter, or just plain.

9. In peace. Yes that is a dove, symbolic of peace.

10. Friends and Family.

11. Funny? Yes, that's a kitty, and yes, he has a camera. Sorta like another certain kitty huh?

12. Iohannes Crispien. This pic was taken by a good friend. Likes what he put in the original post ( Not to mention, it was the only one I could find on the first page that didn't have anything to do with Ioh's marriage.... <.<

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