Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stray Child

I suppose it's hard to consider why this song was picked, let alone the title. The song itself doesn't seem very uplifting, and can feel rather melancholy. But, the title and song convey a few things, on first the general feeling of straying, or having strayed. The title, well, it's about yearning to find one's way, to no longer wander alone.

It is easy to get lost in one's own way. Sometimes we dive into things so deep, that we forget that we are indeed in an awesome story, the story of life. And it's easy to be in doubt and stray. And when a person feels like it's them against the world, one may cling to that lonesome folly. And clung to it, one may find themselves too close to the pain to have an adequate ability to perceive things.

But, even going through the pain, one may come though it and be taken back to proper ways. Though it may, in the moment, seem difficult to find, it really is easy. But it might take remembrance of the path to unfold through someone.

Now, a person may lose their way and feel too deep in that awesome story. But, they can also be found again, despite that lonesome folly.

For some time, I have felt stray in my wanderings. But I have felt like there's an awesome story out there to tell. Maybe I have even told a few before, but felt so defeated in the process, and then a sense of being ostracized, losing what I felt was family, to which, on one hand, some of them were, on the other, they were people that claimed to be, or at least friends. I felt like I had an awesome story to tell, and maybe I did. But, it got lost somewhere along the way.

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