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Ok folks, I can't possibly be all that interesting. One thousand views on Flickr, with only 55 photo uploads? Seriously, do any of you flolks have lives? o.O;

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SLRPPACF - Spirit of the Letter

This has been migrated from my Flickr account post of same name. I bring it here since many have prompted that a blog would be a better form and format to be able to have better and proper discourse on the matter. I believe I have a right to migrate and transfer my own thoughts and words onto a different forum, and, to not allow for any double posting of the matter, I will leave a link in my Flickr post to clarify that discussion is being taken off Flickr and to a format that welcomes discussion more openly.
Here is the link to the Flickr post, for those interested:

The Rationale and Spirit Behind SLRPPACF
As Mye pointed out in her comment of assent, and thus being the first to comply to the Agreement (no cronyism, just noting, and stating a fact), the acronym is very long. So indeed, don't think I take myself all that serious. It is, in part, a joke sort of parody regarding the legalism to which some RPers abide in at times. You know the type, who overburden everyone with precise details of weaponry, be it in describing their own, or what they percieve ought to be the guidelines that all should abide by. Those that feel the obsessive need to micromanage not only their percieved perfection regarding their particular character's style and appearance, but also imposing that on everyone else and telling everyone that this is how they must look, or else hit the highway. They could lean to the extreme hive mentality of quasi-Communism, or that obnoxious uniform quality of the uber nazi who believe everyone should be exactly as them with no room for individuality. Both extremes, if allowed too much ability to control individuals, destroys personal autonomy and freedoms to hold one's own intelligence and creativity to themselves. And when that happens, the thought police invade and take over, destroying any and all personal freedoms that had once been enjoyed before these obnoxious elements came in and screw everyone over. So basically, I'm trying to reclaim my own personal autonomy and freedoms to think and create in the media I wish to employ to do so. Of course, there are rules. There always are. There are universal rules that come into play, first and foremost. We all have some inkling of an idea what they are, so, I'm not going to presage and preach about what they are to any of you. Besides, you all know what you percieve as your own personal freedoms, so why should I tell you what they are, as if I ought to impose them on you? We're all adults, so let's not think it necessary to chide each other on how to act like one. We either do, or we don't. However, if, in our freedoms, we do impose abuses on each other, we should also be adult enough to come to one another and talk about them. Or, if too hurt to be able to talk about them at this particular time and place in your life, then should be adult enough to self govern and censor yourself as seen fit. But, at times, we do abuse these freedoms and do need someone to step up and tell someone that they are doing exactly what they don't want others to do to them. I thank, and properly feel I do so, Mye, Ashur, Aegy, and even Chi (*grumble, grumble* yeah, I said thanks to Chi, hope he doesn't get an ego about it <.< ) for stepping up and speaking with me on such matters where I recently had a lapse of judgement in the way in which I went about protesting the abuses and injustices that Midian had imposed on me. After all, if I allow myself to lower my governing to the level of those that I believe abused me, how can I sit there and say I am any better than they? I can't, nor will I. Because, honestly, if you really get past the bullshit, the reality of the matter is NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. I mean, I have a pretty good idea that 99.999% of us in SL are human of some kind. And to err, is human, as it is said. And some may even consider to forgive is divine. Though, if it is, I suppose it can be a divine gullibility, and even a moral liability, if one does so and forgets the lesson that came from whatever transgression brought about the need to seek and give out forgiveness. Because, if you forget, then you continue to miss the mark, and your precision will always be that much lower as one continues in blind ignorance of their faults. But that's just my preachy ramblings here, and nothing I wish to impose on anyone, though they are welcome to listen and consider what wisdom they may get out of them, if any. Because, if I continue to lower my aim, and no longer strive for the high road, anything I say, no matter how right it may be, will just sound no more or less obnoxious and unintelligible as a clanging gong. So, take what you will from my words, if any or none. I'll let my actions - good and bad - speak for themselves. I would just hope that most here that watch my accounts do so with a grain of salt and are willing to judge me in the entirety of my actions, not just in my transgressions alone. I'll try to do the same, even with those that despise me. For they're not all bad. They have some good in them, somewhere. And some of them, I had seen glimpses of it before they gave me the fuck-over royale. One can hope, even they can come out of their blindess and rage to also consider the good in their enemies as well. Hell, if I can thank Chi, after so many years of having him as a nemesis on my other character named Luke Heartsdale, and even consider him among friends, I'm willing to believe anything's possible eventually. In essence, advice to my friends, and remark to those at this moment that would be my enemies, there is some truth in this quote: "[Y]ou must acquire the trick of ignoring those who do not like you. In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories: The stupid and the envious. The stupid will like you in five years time. The envious, never." - (John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, from the movie The Libertine) With that said, let's continue on with RP. Please feel free to sign the previous picture post document, as I do look to it now as a measure for those that I can trust to not only be willing to RP with me fairly and with generally good intentions, but also be willing to collaborate with me in the creation of stories here on my Flickr, as well as theirs. Also, If you would like to post the agreement in your Flickr as well, feel free to flickr mail me, or leave a comment below. Other than that, feel free also to make comments, with your individial uniqueness in both creativity and intelligence below... or something more or less like it. <.<

SLRPPACF Terms of Agreement for Collaboration in Making RP Stories and displaying them on Iohannes Crispien's Blogger Account [PLEASE READ]

This agreement is for role players (RPers) on Second Life (SL) that wish to enjoy personal and intellectual autonomy and creative freedom in their adventures in-world, as well as in the telling of the stories thereof outside of SL - specifically here on Blogger, in blogs, photo galleries, and equivalent alternatives provided by Blogger that allow for the creation of various media representations of stories through text, pictures, videos, and the mixture of said media in an artistic multimedia format of some kind. This particular document posting is specifically for use on Blogger as a means of securing a way to document RPers online and with Blogger accounts who have an expressed interest in being able to collaborate together in creating their stories and allowing for their posts in SL to be edited in order to fit the guidelines of Blogger’s Terms of Service (ToS).

Terms of Agreement and Approval:
In signing below with your comment of consent, you hereby are allowing the owner of this particular Blogger account the ability to edit your roleplay (RP) posts, put up pictures, video, and other media from SL in a manner that is acceptable to Blogger ToS and is to be for the express use of creative and intellectual purposes only - such as to tell a story, or in order to bring up issues in a respectful manner that allows for freedom of speech and expression thereof.

1. Services:
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Approval, SL RPers agree to provide their RP postings on SL for use in the creation and collaboration of making stories, as does the owner of this Blogger account agree and approve to provide his RP postings to the below signed RPers in order for creations including, but not limited to texts, pictures, video, and all sorts of multimedia, for the purposes of the personal and intellectual autonomy and creative freedom of individuals that agree to, and sign onto this agreement and approval post. This Blogger account owner, and all Second Life Role Players for Personal Autonomy and Creative Freedom (SLRPPACF) adherents will abide by Blogger ToS and use their collaborated efforts to enhance the RP storytelling mediums on Blogger while minimizing liabilities based on our intellectual and creative input and ability to work together to create and post freely the stories we want to tell, and issues we wish to express.

2. SL RPer consent:
All SL RPers who sign below by leaving comments of assent hereby grant to owner of this Blogger account permission to use texts, pictures, videos, etc. for the purpose of creating RP stories in a collaborated effort, as well as respectfully bring up issues that come up in the RP and SL lives of said RPers and owner of this account in a manner that does not infringe upon Blogger ToS, as well as the personal discretions of said RPers and the owner of this Blogger account.. The SL RPer agrees to protect any and all collaborations and the media involved in creating it thereof in by keeping documentation relevant to stories and issues that are a part of or affect the creative productivity of those who have signed and agreed to the SLRPPACF as well as in joint agreement to the Blogger ToS. The SL RPer acknowledges and agrees that said SL RPers' texts and other media being granted allowance to be used for the creative and intellectual purposes of the owner of this Blogger account may be edited and/or removed for either the creative and/or intellectual purposes designed by the owner of this Blogger account, or in order to ensure that the format for the medium’s creation is in accordance with Flickr’s ToS, and thus shall be done at the sole discretion of said owner of this Flickr account first and foremost, and then to Blogger's ToS if recourse with said owner of this Blogger account cannot come to a reasonable compromise, and is thusly clearly stated as so to the owner of this Blogger account.

3. Release and waiver:
The SL RPer further agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the owner of this Blogger account, its visitors, Blogger account owner's friends, associates and other said collaborators against any and all losses, accidents, damages, injuries, expenses and claims resulting in whole or part, directly or indirectly, from overdrama, personal insults, flames, and/or other sorts of encounters that may result in heated discussion, and falls under first the discretion of the owner of the Blogger account to mend, and then, only after grievances could not be adequately consoled by respectful contact with owner of said Blogger account, though Blogger itself may be involved in any dispute that arises, after first taking up said issues with said owner of this Blogger account and if no compromise or agreement to resolve the matter is expressed clearly and to the owner of this Blogger account as being unresolvable and thus necessitating Blogger's intervention in the matter. It is the responsibility of BOTH mature RPers and the owner of said Blogger account who agree to abide by these guidelines to FIRST AND FOREMOST have a meeting of minds and try to work out conflicts among themselves in a mature manner before taking issues to Blogger. The SL RPer understands that any given owner of a Blogger account that is under this SLRPPACF agreement does not and cannot guarantee success or any particular result coming from their use of media in the collaborative creative and intellectual process being produced and displayed on said Flickr account. While we shall use our best efforts to achieve a successful result, we can make no warranty or guarantee - expressed or implied - as to the success of the story being displayed or issue being made, nor whether or not such media will be made in your favor (that is, no cronyism, nor any other form of favoritism allowed, nor the use of any given media soley for the purposes of personal gain or other uses that fall under creating or destroying personal prestige of self and/or others, and otherwise interfering with the freedoms of others to collaborate in fair play and mature, reasonable interactions thereof). An expression of the relative merits of any given RPer’s abilities and one’s chances of proving their success in being good RPers and story tellers, mediators, etc. are only expressions of peronal opinions and estimates of peer esteem, not to be confused with actual merit and ability.

4. Photography and publicity release:
The SL RPer who agrees to the SLRPPACF agrees to allow owner of this Blogger account the express authority to photograph scenes of the RP before, during, and after the RP has taken place, or issue has been made regarding concerns about any given RP or RPer, and to use all such photographs, and the texts of posts made thereof for reference, creativity, and intellectual purposes. The RPer’s name WILL be referenced. The RPer agrees that the owner of this Blogger account may reasonably edit and revise the various media utilized to create or put forth intellectual discussion in the discretion of the owner of the Blogger account’s postings while the posting remains on the account and said account remains active.

5. General provisions: The RPer agrees to have all personal texts and intellectual property used in the creation of stories and intellectual discussions be adequately insured throughout the creative and intellectual process and display period of media by a reasonable man’s (or woman’s) standard that falls first under the personal autonomy of the Blogger account owner, and then, and only then, after talks with the Flickr account owner have proven unsuccessful, and such grievance has been expressed, shall the matter be taken up then with Blogger to settle any disputes that may arise. This agreement contains the express agreement of the parties first to each other in their creative and intellectual collaboration, and there the only other promises or conditions made in any other agreement whether oral or written is found in the Blogger ToS. This agreement shall be governed by the universal laws of creative and intellectual autonomy and self-governing of all persons in agreement with these guidelines, first and foremost, and then to be reinforced under the Blogger ToS if disputes cannot be adequately resolved in the guidelines set forth in the SLRPPACF agreement.

Signatures: By making a reply in this post of your assent to consent to these guidelines, you have signed on to SLRPPACF standards for creative and intellectual collaboration with the owner of this Blogger account. Those comments, and only those that express their assent for signing on will remain posted. If, in the future, assent is asked to be denied, said SL RPer’s comment of assent will be deleted, either by the SL RPer, or the owner of the Flickr account. The owner of the Flickr account may delete assent signatures at his discretion.

First Blog Post

Don't expect much out of this post. It's more or less a test post. Postings with more relevance content sill soon be made, I promise. ;)