Friday, October 8, 2010

Camping in Crossroads?

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Crouched on a ledge of the old clock tower, a dark, shadowy figure looks over the courtyard. Doth this barely visible, brooding-looking shade bring about fright and terrorize the folks below him due to his IC prowess and loathsome look as he perches there in a stoic silence? Apparently not. It seems this dark knight is more terrifying to those around him in OOC. Read on, dear reader, if you dare, and learn about the frightning things that the GMs of Crossroads are more concerned about with OOC appearances, rather than IC actualities.
GM I: Iohannes?
Iohannes Crispien: yes?
GM I: I'm a GM here in Crossroads. You know the rules of Crossroads and CCS?
Iohannes Crispien: pretty much
GM I: I'm asking because your behaviour looks a lot like camping
Iohannes Crispien: I'm taking photos
Iohannes Crispien: but I can turn off the meter, if that's the problem
GM I: Please do.
GM I: Then you won't get problems with any GM
Iohannes Crispien: sorry. I'm used to not being hassled just for taking photos.
GM I: It's not a big issue, but when you stay for a long time in the same place without any RP it might
Iohannes Crispien: But then, also RP non metered, and in places that don't use them, so camping isn't ever considered, since there's no meter to camp for
GM I: Camping is allowed, but not camping for XP
Iohannes Crispien: well, it's a nonissue. I don't even care about xp. I've been in SL for 3 years, RPed in CCS sims and estates, and the furthes any of my characters have gotten is lvl 10 or so. Considering that I've been RPing for this long, and non of my characters are at lvl 50 or 100, you can rest assured that I don't camp
GM I: I believe you.
Iohannes Crispien: thanks
GM I: Have fun
[01:42 PM] Iohannes Crispien: you too.
GM II: why are you taking pictures of the sim?
Iohannes Crispien: because it's what I do in SL? I like to take pictures. Even post some that I edit and think look good and put them on Flickr. Even make stories for those pics. It's part of how I RP and enjoy my time in SL
GM II: so not copying builds?
Iohannes Crispien: I don't even build, and if I wanted to I know where to get textures legally. But I"m not interested in building.
GM II: ty
Iohannes Crispien: what I have been doing is parially a profile pic, and trying out windlight settings to see what gives the best look and feel
Iohannes Crispien: yw
Note: On a more serious side, I did find this interruption to my photo shooting quite annoying and disturbing. But, I put this here as fair notice that if you do go to Crossroads to take pics, and they find you standing (or perching) around, they will get in your face about it. I was neither trying to camp for xp, nor take pics to copy their precious build. No, I was just trying to enjoy the environment and get in some pictures to be able to post for flickr and profile purposes. However, because of the interruption, and because I like to reveal asshattery when it happens, I post this here.
I'm not saying that Crossroads is a bad place to RP. Having been observing it for some time, both on Ioh and my alt, I have found it an interesting place and had Ioh join the RP group there to maybe get in some minor RP here and there, or just to be able to go around taking photos for fun and as being there in a more official manner. It is a beautiful build, and I would provide more pictures of Crossroads to advertise that, to which would gain them more traffic, assuming those of you that check out my Flickr like what you see and hear from me about the place. So, I'm just disapointed that my first impression to put up on Flickr is not so great. Hopefully, though, my next reviews of Crossroads will be much more on the positive, as I do believe that this sim has potential for good RP, despite the hang up of using the CCS for metered battle.
And no, none of my characters likely will make it to lvl 50 or 100 on CCS. I doubt many of them will get past lvl 10 or 15. I just simply will not waste my time on trying to gain XP when my PRIMARY reasons to go into any RP sim are either to RP or take photos.
But, I guess that goes to show that asshat GMs are not just isolated to Midian or Crack Den. :p

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