Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Conversation

This was a dialogue from back when trying to figure out how to get some traffic into Chamber.  But yes, it does go back to aspects on Midian.  It's pretty much generic to any RP.  

Ioh: Midian started in a sky box, did you know?

***** ***** I did. I'm sure they had people though.

Ioh: well, they had a small group.  The original leaders of the first factions - CWs, Hounds, Night Breed (I think it was among them),  MPD, and the Dolls.  Most of what is Midian main was on the skybox. Not all, but most. And once it outgrew the skybox, and they were able to get the funding for it, they went to the full sim, then eventually Apoc about the time I started there, and then Levi and the swamp.

On the other hand, Chamber is like a retro fit.  We have a full sim, and a lot of things are in place.  It's just a matter getting that right nudge to get the momentum going. We got RP we want to do, and have been partially putting it off to get clearance on this and that.  And, if we can set these certain things in motion, we should be able to get the boost needed to get traffic flowing. So, from my perspective, our challenge is to set the wheels in motion, and once it flows, who knows... anything goes.

***** ***** but it can't just be us

Ioh: you know how many times, whether it was in Midian, or Everwind, or Perdition, or even here in Chamber that I have started up RP with one person, and within an hour or two, it's grown from 2 to 4 to up to 10 people seeking to RP?

***** ***** yes. That happens when there are people passing by
Ioh: I used to have Ioh or Luke just lay on the bench near the beach and in front of the Doll house, and people would just start up idle RP which would grow just from my characters being lazy and giving way for opportunity.  People come into a sim, see dots, and huddle to them.  Midian has grown to a point where they complain about that flocking phenomenon, because they have enough players to show disinterest in having people do that. But, it's exactly that phenomenon by which RP first grows

***** ***** I think they dislike the flocking phenom when those people barge in on a scene not meant to be barged on. Some do it by mistake, others try to be some kind of hero before they know what's going on.

Ioh:  True.  There is that.  Because there is RP there already to be barged in on.  When you have a population, you can be more picky about such things, because it deters particular RP of interest to an established group.  In Chamber, well, pretty much the vamps and nekos are about the most established groups out there.  And that's pretty much because we have a certain reciprocal relation to each other's survival, both IC and OOC. Because, without either of us there, there's no 'food', both in the IC literal, and OOC figurative in meaning of that which fuels RP and brings growth.

***** ***** I see
Ioh:  Otherwise, if neither of us are around, there's no RP to 'barge in' on.  There's nothing to draw on, or otherwise manipulate into one stream of storyline, or break into multiple storylines that came from that one initial interaction that started it all

***** *****  Doesn't that mean that we need more groups and variety to bounce off of too? There is only one human. There are a few supernatural types - a demon, one or two lycans maybe, then your choice of vamps or nekos

Ioh:  True, but that comes with time.  Just think of how many groups merged and spawned from the Pack in Midian, or even the CWs, or the Hounds, and MPD. Hounds, I remember the Sarcina was an offshoot of them via Oceana, who was a pet of sorts to Damian when he was the Canis. Then, later, another women's group started called the Phoenix.  MPD, well, there was the UAC to which some would say the anti-hybrids went to when MPD went soft on cats.  And then the Judges and the Midian Militia as well.

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