Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hypergrid Permissions

So I was checking out Avination's announcement of Hypergrid export permissions. They are working with Singularity Viewer to develop a way to allow or prohibit created content from being shared between hypergrid links.

Personally, I see this as a step in the right direction.  For creators, to be able to choose whether they want their items to be used through the hypergrid or not adds a bit of security that had yet been put into hypergrid capable grids.  This is at least a patch to help fix the current issues that people have with hypergrid, since you can have the grid enabled, yet creators can have some control on on their end on whether their products leave the grid or not.

However, while this is a good step forward, there are still some things that could be done that would open grids to being hypergate capable. For instance, one next step that could be taken would be in securing a way that the ownership and other content information that the creator sets is transferred when crossing grids.The more that the capacity of grid hopping through the hypergate can be streamlined in this area would ease security concerns even more.

Even still,  the greatest achievement for Opensim would be streamlining it so that crossing and teleporting among grids is as smooth as crossing and teleporting among sims in a grid.  When that time comes, the necessity of signing up to different grids would be more a matter of formalities, be it that particular grid being the home grid that they sign into the metaverse on, a matter of access for premium grid products, such as owning a sim on a particular grid, or to be a method of security for businesses so that only those that are signed up in the grid can do business in the grid, and only those that want to legitimately buy virtual goods can, as long as they sign up and agree to the particular terms and conditions of the grid and it's business model.  Grid registration can also be used as a matter of registering freebies, so that people can keep track of them, and know who has the freebies, where they got them from, and where the person who obtained the freebies comes from, grid-wise.

Not saying these things would make for a perfect metaverse, but they would help improve it in some ways, and make hypergrid more attractive the more it deals with concerns in the metaverse community about its security issues.  For once they are addressed and taken care of in a manner that respects the capital and ownership of the content creators, the content creators, and the grids they are in, might be more willing to open up to Opensim and a free and open metaverse in general.

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