Monday, July 11, 2011

Abandon All Hope

I stumbled upon the Midian City website tonight and couldn't help but shake my head.  The one thing that particularly got me was the text on the main graphic.  'Abandon all hope ye who enter.'

Why does that make me shake my head?  Because that was the very thing I was promoting as part of the core to my RP in Midian back when Ioh was in the CWs.  I had worked and reworked that theme of Dante's from the Inferno.  It was the sort of mature dark theme I tried to give.  And it was also the sort of theme that often I found being rejected.  And now I know why.  Because I had the idea, and not them.  But, with me gone, guess that means the theme was up for grabs, and to be screwed up as always.

For me, the theme came from actually reading the Inferno, and integrating some of the concepts into Ioh's persona.  Through this, Midian became the setting of the journey through hell and seeking a way out.  Not so much out of the city, but out of the things that tormented him then.  That is, like the violence and philandering ways that was prevalent in Ioh from the time he became a CW.  Mostly, he was looking for peace and hope in a place that had none apparent.

The last year was Ioh trying to find redemption. Ultimately he failed.  Unfortunately, the failure was not through RP as much as OOC drama making it impossible to go any other way.  Being banned kind of leads to being unable to further the journey and see if indeed Ioh could have found redemption.  He was, after all, trying to seek a path through Purgatorio at the time that things went sour.  Once banned, that pretty much made impossible any attempt to potentially find Ioh a way to Paradiso.

I won't cry for Midian. Though I think it's a crying shame what it had become.  The things I warned would ruin Midian, they paid no attention to.  And the concepts I had been working on, they stole and deteriorated them into a farce of what they once were, or strove toward.  For these reasons am I glad to know Midian has finally destroyed itself.

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