Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alternate Ending, or Different Dimension

This comes from a background story I had written back around 2008.  I had heard of a place called Naraka that I decided to try RPing in for a time.  So here's an old story that is an alternative future for Ioh compared to the one that actually happened to be the end of his term in Midian.

*Ahem*  Please forgive any editing mistakes, as this is fairly roughly being typed from the paper itself in as authentic to the original writing as I can tolerate.

Ioh RP In Naraka

Once a long time resident of Midian for nearly four centuries, Ioh came to be in exile in this prison called Naraka.  His first life in Midian, being his second of nine lives, he had gained prominence in the gang called the Catwalkers. Throughout his time in Midian, Ioh had witnessed the rise and fall of many factions, and many movements.  He had seen several Matrons come and go as well.  As time went on, Ioh would help the CWs to rise to become a strong political and militant force that would persuade the validity of hybrid rights, as well as drive out the opponents, such as Humans First, that wanted to cleanse society of hybrids.  As three centuries went on, success came in the hybrid movement as CW Matrons were being elected to office, and a strong political and victorious military campaign by the CWs led to nearly wiping out the human prejudices and discrimination.  The empire of hybrids that Ioh had dreamt of was nearly established.  However, an underground cell of human terrorists captured Ioh and, by their political backers in the Solar, they exiled him to Naraka in hopes of being rid of their greatest opponent for good.

Will Ioh gain prominence in the prison and attempt a rebellion to break out?  Or will he succumb to apathy and live among the criminals, becoming more and more like them, and live out his remaining three lives in this prison?  Who knows what forces will push him one way or the other?  Only time will tell.

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