Friday, April 8, 2011

Second Chapter of Forgotten RP

The second chapter begins where the first one, 'Brothers' ends.  Luke says his final farewell and gives Ioh a few items that are to help him through his mission to save his friends.

Of the items I'm considering for Luke to give Ioh, they are three:

1. A map of Forgotten City.
2. A silver pocket watch.
3. A golden compass.

What each of these do, I'm still trying to work out the details.  The basic idea, though, is that Ioh has become an explorer in the city.  His purpose is to find and free his friends from whatever has happened to them.  So, in considering the objects needed for this journey, each one has to have something to do with direction and purpose.  The basic ideas are:

The map gives the broad overview of the landscape - what lies ahead and what surrounds.

The watch keeps track of time, and, in fitting with the scene of steampunk, the inner 'heart' of the watch is made with cogs and keeps pace with the concept of time and the alloted machination of fate.

The compass helps keep one's bearings straight and on course.

Now, this is the general purpose of the objects, the 'surface' of their use and abilities.  Each object helps the holder in other ways as well, such as to help them keep their memories and purpose.  They are an object to help them focus so that they don't lose track of what they are trying to do in the mission, and so that whatever mystery within the workings of the city doesn't make them forget.  That is, not only to lose track of their purpose on the mission, but also these objects keep the holder from forgetting who they are.  If they forget who they are, then they too become trapped in the city and, effectively, become a 'cog in the wheel' of the city, in a sense.

These are just concepts, for now.  How they will develop depends on the RP and storytelling in general.

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