Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fed Ex Union Buster Commercials

Ok, normally I'm not this political on this blog, but I felt a need to rant on this one.

I really, really hope people aren't buying into Fed Ex's commercials on You Tube that talk poorly on labor unions, particularly Teamsters. Why? Because they don't support unions, and UPS does. And apparently, they think that's a good way to take a pot shot an try to wound two birds with one stone.

Here's the thing though, if Fed Ex is really stealing UPS's business at the rate they think they are, then why would they be so scared of both UPS and Teamsters? Are they saying they can't compete without non-union labor? What they are really saying is - because they don't want to support organized labor, hate the idea of their workers having the security of a union backing them, they are going to raise prices, and blame it on the unions. But not just that, they have to put up conspiracy theory nonsense that UPS is responsible for the bill regarding labor unions.

But think for a moment. They are mad because UPS has supported Teamsters for decades? Does Fed Ex forget that one of the reasons Wal-Mart has been boycotted is for not supporting unions? Grow up Fed Ex. You want to be competitive in a major market, but don't want to support your workers in organizing and having their rights as workers protected and secure? Apparently you're not up to the task. You may have fast planes, but what about your pilots? Do you care about their well being and ability to have rights to organize and make sure they are treated fairly? UPS has air and ground. Is a world wide company, and, apparently you, Fed Ex, are fed up with the ideal that it's not enough to have fast planes, but also good pilots and drivers that feel secure that both their company and their union is there to make sure they get a fair deal for the work they do.

No, Fed Ex, you are not fooling me with that nonsense on You Tube. If anything, it shows you're running scared of change, change that would make you accountable to both your fast planes and your workers. What a terrible change that would be, eh?

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