Monday, August 13, 2012

The Alternative August Update

So what am I doing instead of RP?  Well, various things.  But I'll list them as follows:

1. Haven (Your World!)

It's a relatively new Opensim grid that I find has lots of potential.  It makes me think of the motto that SL used to have of 'Your world, your imagination!'  I suppose it wasn't considered a well targeted slogan, since they have gone to promoting people being a vampire, or a werewolf - something preconceived by what they want you to think you want, or is popular, rather than actually a call to use your imagination.  For that reason, I choose to support Haven and seek to help make a wonderful world within it.  And there are lots of reasons to do so. One of them is the affordability of their premium accounts and regions of land. The prim tier that Haven has is so affordable, it makes the land prices in SL look insanely bloated and overpriced.

2. Craft World

Craft is another new and small Opensim grid that I highly recommend visiting.  You might see me there working on my free home.

3. 3rd Rock Grid

 Remaining my main homestead on the Opensim metaverse, 3rd Rock Grid has a few projects I'm trying to promote.  For one, I continue to develop Jack's Hill, seeking to make it a place where I can relax, as well as accommodate  for a particular creative community that's been of interest to me since I first began in Second Life.  That would be the neko community.  This is prevalent in all grids I'm in in the metaverse, as I'm always a feline hybrid of some sort, be it a cheetah, a tiger, or a leopard.

A more current project is that with trying to bring a presence of Singularity Tribe onto 3RG.  Alexi Ayres has often been an encouraging and inspiring friend for me in SL. I first met her in Tendai while involved with the Combat: Samurai Island community.  From there, I followed her while she was active with Happy Clam and Organica. One night, we were talking about core principles, to which, with the help of others on SL, brought about Singularity Tribe.  I hope to bring about this same creative community in 3RG.  Maybe could expand to the other grids some day, but it's enough of a project to get things started in 3RG first.  Not everyone is interested in Opensim, and grid hopping seems scary at first. So it's one step at a time. First thing's first, was acquiring the Singularity Tribal Land. The basic concepts I've been considering is a natural stage, much like the Gorge at George.  There could even be a portal for a second venue in the sky, a sort of treeship/organic space station with a DJ central hub in the middle.

While I hadn't had a chance to participate a whole lot in the 3RG Virtual Games, I do want to be more active in how I participate on the grid.  Particularly of interest is The Parthenon. It just looks like an incredible venue.  Maybe it could be a place for Singularity to hold flash mobs or raves at. Or it could be a music hall for live performances. Maybe even use it as a theatre for movies or a play, hell, even a comedian or some other live performer - sort of like a 3RG Apollo Theatre style scene or something.

Anyways, these are a few of the things I have going on in the metaverse that I'm seeking to help bear some fruit and flow out in a hypergrid stargate with positive vibes.

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