Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back on Track - The New Purpose of this Blog

Yes, I deleted the last post.  It no longer serves a purpose, and certainly not the purpose I want for this blog.  "What is the purpose for this blog?" You may ask.  Well, it's always been about updating the activities of my Second Life avatar, Iohannes Crispien, and, even at times, about my alts there.  But now as I move more away from having much of a presence in SL, it shall have to take on a new purpose. It shall always be a blog for my avatars, particularly Iohannes Crispien, but also Jack Corn, my avatar who is my main and only presence on 3rd Rock Grid, which is currently my main grid.  Within 3RG, I have a few projects under way, which I will update as they progress.  I thought of retro-updating on previous progress on these projects, and I may do so to bring people up to speed on what I am doing in 3RG and other grids in the metaverse.  For now, though, all I will say is that I will keep you all posted, and soon.  For now, take care all my friends!

... and even those few enemies that still hang around for some reason. <.<

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