Thursday, January 13, 2011

Literary Humor: Call Me A Poet

Every now and then, OOC conversation does wind up going beyond the usual bullshit and gets semi intellectual. Humor still remains, and, I would say, that is a good thing.  And to show the sort of stuff that I speak of, here is an excerpt from a recent discussion on poetry:

***** *****1: Well call me a poet.
***** *****2: Uh huh.
Iohannes Crispien: Well, if you've been waiting years to get poetry published, then go drink one's self into a stupor, die young, and then people publish you and tell the world how brilliant an unsung hero of literature you are, then you can call yourself a poet.
***** *****2: Except for the young part, it's too late for that for him.
Iohannes Crispien: well, there's always an exception to the rules.
***** *****1: Only in western cultures. In the east, it's common for a man of my years to write poetry.
Iohannes Crispien: But can still go into a drunken stupor and make all sorts of bawdy poetry that one day becomes canon of literature under some genre you never knew it was while writing it.
***** *****1: It's not required it be good poetry.
Iohannes Crispien: Have you seen what makes it into the canon these days?  Indeed, no it doesn't!
***** *****1: Too true.

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