Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wasn't Quoted, But First Reference in Bibliography

Was doing a search for the hell of it on Midian City in Google.  Most of it is the same old, same old of blogs written about two to three years ago, back in Midian's 'golden age', I suppose you could call it.  Just before or a little after the Artifact RP had taken its course.  Now, other than some of the GMs and a few veteran players, I doubt there are many that know of the Artifact RP, and very few left that participated in it.  And even fewer that remember the RP's humble beginnings as a skybox back in the days of Midian 1.

Some might wonder why I am writing about Midian?  Well, I suppose it's out of old habit.  But, moreso, it's interesting to think how much I had helped shape Midian, and even influenced people that researched Midian.  It just seems odd now, to look back and see a person's writing as a PhD candidate referencing a Midian Forums posting I did mainly to start the conversation with Midian over players' rights and that annoying JSJR mantra that even Jade then supposedly cringed at hearing.  Yet, it became prevalent, even if it was, and probably still is, a misconception.  

The conclusion that Ms. (or now Dr.?) Maria Bäcke comes to seems very spot on to me:

I would argue that [the RPer] feels like this mainly because the current type of role-play fits her. If it evolved into something she would not be as happy with, she might decide that it is time to leave, just like some of the game-players have decided to do. This is one of the ways in which it is possible to see the link between the rules, the “laws,” of a digital space and that which happens in it — and the result it brings. These rules can be thought of as the boundaries of a magic circle, enabling and facilitating the roleplay as well as attempting to restrict OOC drama. But the magic circle is porous, the discussions about the essence of the medium, the rules and the code, and how to play in the “correct way” constantly continues.


This really is what we see, or did see in Midian at the time.  For many, who had a 'correct' way of RPing in Midian, they felt 'free' under JSJR.  But, for those in the past that got disenfranchised by the changes, because there was really no other recourse, they left.  Midian is not the only place that is like this.  It's the nature of the game.  Other places I have RPed at have had similar aspects.  And indeed it is a matter of being porous, and not 'free.'  There are certain liberties in a given RP sim or estate, but, they are only open in as much as the community and the sim owner are open to things.  While the sim owner has the final say on things, if said owner does things against the flow of what the community wants, and if that thing done by the sim owner or its administrators is such that it takes away perceived freedoms, then the sim/estates see a exodus of players leaving the sim.  However, what Jade, and many other sim/estate owners bank on is being able to rebuild with the new rules and lay claim to a newer community that suits the new rules.  Those that stay tend to be the ones that either supported or can at least live with the new rules.  They are also the ones that weren't banned, silenced, nor otherwise provoked to leave.  

But even so, it's nice to see that my views and discourse couldn't be completely stifled.  There will always be remnants that document my discourses and warnings of the tyranny of both dictatorship of sim owners and oligarchy of the masses.  The two go hand in hand.  And you don't need a PhD to see this.  But it's nice to know you can still be referenced by a potential candidate for one. =~.^=


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