Monday, August 30, 2010

Stabat Mater - Latin Story

It's been a while since I dusted off my Live Journal, the first blog I ever had. And the first thing I find myself gravitating to is the Latin story I had begun there, so which eventually was title Stabat Mater, or 'Standing Mother', as the translation would be from the Latin.

I haven't read too much of it for a while. Really don't have to. Many aspects of it stick with me, and I know what it's about. Just don't know what to do with it yet. It's the first story that I put much effort into creating, in the more traditional aspects, rather than trying to piece one together that's been acted out in RP. Admittedly, though, some inspiration does come from experiences in SL, though most of the beginning started before I really got into SL.

At the beginning, I started writing in Latin, and then translating. That initial burst of creativity in that manner is something I miss, and would like to return to that. But, to do so really slows things down, because it's not just a matter of writing and revising, it's writing in a different language, and then rewriting the translation, and revising that translation, to which adds more steps to the writing process. Yet, it is rewarding too, because it lets me explore the world of Latin writers, and try to learn about an ancient culture. But, at the same time, it deals with religion, having formed initially from a Catholic origin.

This all makes it tricky, because I know fellow Latinophiles do not like the intrusion of Catholicism, because of the bias that they believe the Church bastardized the language and took over the culture. And then, on the other hand, Catholics may complain of things that aren't necessarily orthodox to what the Church teaches. It essentially puts it in that area that Dan Brown and other authors that write with religion and history mixing, which means, you'll have plenty of people that love it or hate it right off the bat without ever reading a single word, and really don't care about the story as much as the controversies they put up. But, that's unavoidable. Many people prefer to argue over reading, since actually reading something takes time and effort. Forming an opinion doesn't, especially if one doesn't care to make an informed opinion.

At any rate, here is what has been written so far, or at least a link to a few posts that link to the posts relevant to the story in my Live Journal blog. This is a much easier option than trying to copy-paste them over to this blog.
The Order of the Latin Story (the core of the story's beginning)

Stabat Mater (going from the core, into the greater body of the text)

Ending? (a potential ending to the story, lots of gaps to be filled)

So, that's the first opus I had started. Still a work in progress... well, halted for now, but may progress again eventually.

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